Off the Bench

Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction
Judge Sullivan is the 2020 President of the statewide organization Nevada Judges of Limited Jurisdiction, which is comprised of more than 82 judges from around the state. She has served on the Board for the past several years. She was also selected as NJLJ’s Judge of the Year in 2017.

Improving Court Processes
Judge Sullivan is the Chair of the Court’s Local Rules Committee. She is also a member of the Clark County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, and is the Co-Chair of the CJCC’s Initial Appearance Court Subcommittee. She served as the Court’s Criminal Presiding Judge from 2015-2018.

Mentoring and Guidance
Although Judge Sullivan has in the past participated in the County Bar Association’s mentoring program for law students, she mostly enjoys the mentoring program for the Clark County School District. Over the past several years she has mentored several students at numerous Title 1 high schools. And, as a judge she has the ability to make a huge impact on the people who appear before her.

   Meet Yaredy
Click here to read how Judge Sullivan got involved in CCSD’s mentoring program, and how she came to know and work with Yaredy. Yaredy graduated from Western High School, Judge Sullivan’s alma mater, and is now a marshal for the City of Las Vegas.

   Meet Deandre
In 2016 Judge Sullivan was paired with Deandre, a high school senior at Western High School. She and Deandre met weekly during his senior year to keep him on track to graduate and discuss and work toward his goals after high school. Deandre attended 2 years of college at Morehouse in Atlanta, and is now back at UNLV obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Judge Sullivan says their relationship works both ways – Deandre often acts as a sounding board when she is having issues with her college-age man kids! They still keep in contact regularly.

   Meet Jessica
After giving Jessica a jail sentence for getting into trouble one too many times, Judge Sullivan released Jessica early so that she could self-admit into the Walter Hoving Home, a long-term residential private home for women with addictions. Judge Sullivan later attended Jessica’s graduation from the WHH, and when Jessica got married, she asked Judge Sullivan to officiate.

My amazing judge that has watched me grow from my worst to my best with an amazing man by my side I couldn’t have asked for a better person to have married me and My husband and has always been behind me in my success!!! Thank you judge Diana Morrison Sullivan.